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Japanese High School Students visit Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL)

Bonnie 2014
Japanese High School Students visit Lawrence Berkeley Lab (LBL)
by Bonnie Thurber - Saturday, 8 October 2016, 7:07 PM

During the first week  of August, Bonnie Thurber flew to California to work with Carl Pennypacker and support workshops for  thirty Japanese High School Students. The students arrived at their Berkeley hotel on Thursday. They spent Friday shopping and touring around UC Berkeley. Friday evening they participated in a Skype presentation and demonstration of  telescopes in Chile. Saturday morning, they arrived at LBL for a workshop on Selsa J and several hands-on activities.  After the workshop, they created their own "American" sandwiches for lunch.  Then, they had a tour of LBL's famous Advanced Light Source (ALS) Lab and linear accelerator  at LBL.  They celebrated in the evening with dinner at a Berkeley restaurant. Sunday they came back to LBL for more hands-on science activities and more American sandwiches for lunch. After lunch they had a great walk down the Berkeley Hills to their hotel.  The following day, Monday, they were off to visit Stanford University and see the linear accelerator.

What fun!