About Educational Continuum Org NFP.

Educational Continuum Organization (ECO) NFP offers Internet space for educational programs that include students and their teachers working in online collaborations. We offer various STEAM collaborative projects, the sharing of a Moodle LMS, a Google private domain and other Web-based resources and services to practice 21st century learning. 

These projects include: 

If you are interested in participating in any of these organizations/projects or would like to volunteer to help in anyway, please contact Bonnie Thurber at educontinuum@gmail.com.

Board Members for 2018-19 are:

  • Bonnie Thurber, President; 
  • Linda Smentek, Treasurer and Educational Continuum Associate; 
  • Jack Fritz, Director of Benedictine University Libraries: 
  • Carl Pennypacker, Physics, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 
  • Mehri Fadavi, Physics Education, Jackson State University, Mississippi;
  • Ruth Shunick, Travel and Leisure Consultant; and 
  • Lynne Zielinski,  SpacEdge.Academy Education Manager. 

System Administration for Educational Continuum is led by Felipe Carasso. 

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    GHOU-UG Workshop 2 July-August 2021

    by Bonnie Thurber -

    This was a 14 course workshop set up in Padlet. The participating Physics teachers are learning a lot!

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