Bonnie Thurber Visits China in October, 2016.

Bonnie Thurber Visits China in October, 2016.

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China HOU Report

October, 16 – 25, 2016


On October 16, Bonnie Thurber joined Hongfeng Guo in Beijing to visit eight local schools. 

Bonnie and Hongfeng traveled by Beijing subway, bus, taxi and trains to the North, South and West of Beijing.

They presented basic HOU and IASC information to students in grades 5 -12 in each of these schools. Many students seemed excited by the thought of studying astronomy while others were so exhausted from their study, the fell asleep in their chairs. No one snored. 

Their first visit was with teachers who wanted to hear about the US school day.  Bonnie Thurber talked about an average school day in a suburban public school and in a Chicago Public School. She talked about hands-on work in classrooms and labs and mentioned Carl Pennypacker’s paper about how hands-on work can improve student test scores.  Hongfeng presented GHOU/HOU-China and talked about students learning more about IASC. They both presented their project named “Moon Over Us,” talked about how collaborations can improve friendly relationships among students in many countries. 

In next four schools, Hongfeng and Bonnie presented to students. Their presentations started with GHOU, HOU-China and moved into IASC. They included “Moon Over Us” as the last presentation before student question and answers. The students had great questions and Bonnie and Hongfeng had more questions for them as answers.

Presentation seven was mostly for parents. Bonnie talked about what students from the US do after school and at home. Then, Hongfeng talked about GHOU-HOU and IASC.  As always, they finished with “Moon Over Us.”

 At the last school, Bonnie had a real treat; she met with some of the students who were in the Solar System Ballet that Hongfeng presented at GHOU Conference in Hawaii.

 Bonnie had a great trip to China and would like to go back. She made many new friends. Hongfeng will be working with lots and lots of students in the year to come!

Thank you,  Bonnie Thurber and Hongfeng Guo

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