Educational Continuum Organization (ECO) offers many opportunities for online professional development and support of ART (art, writing, music) in the classroom. The instructional support uses Moodle as Learning Management System (LMS) for writing tutorials and online learning centers for students and teachers. ECO also includes Khan Academy for teacher and student tutorials and and Skype for face-to-face video conferencing and chat as well as online subject specific tools and ideas for practical applications. All tools can be used on smartphones and tablets as well as computers.

An ECO learning session is integrated into teacher workshops so participants become familiar with the ECO Moodle environment including participants building there own areas for sharing with other teachers; activities for students; reaching, Khan Academy, Skype and other online interactive tools.

A series of monthly classroom-based online learning activities are provided for teachers with or without their students, based on their face-to-face educational program and integrated into their ongoing professional development during the school year. These activities reinforce learning, and give teachers an opportunity to practice new leading and learning skills in their classrooms and sharing the results with their peers. The online environment provides a bridge between professional development and classroom practice.